Counterfeit crime hits $2 billion USD annually!

We offer you a way, how to protect your business.


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Professional bank note detector developed by ConSyGen

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This unique device has been developed to detect and deter counterfeiting of Bills, Checks, Credit Cards, IDs, Passports, Driving Licenses, Event Tickets and many other documents.

COUNTERFEIT COP and its special and intense 13 W ultra-violet bulb made of high quality black glass provide more protection, thoroughness and accuracy than any other machine or technique on the market today.



  • Special safe and intense UV bulb (13 W) for long life. Minimally 5000 hours of operation or more. UV Bulb efficiency remains not less than 99% during its life as opposed to standard detectors. Standard detector UV bulbs are usually only 4-6 Watt with life not exceeding 2000 hours of operation. In addition, the UV bulb efficiency of standard detectors decreases rapidly during its operation time.

  • Pressure sensitive platform illumination enables a comfortable examination of watermarks, front-to-back registers, windowed thread microtext and other features.

  • Works universally on International and Domestic Currency, on US Dollars, Checks, Credit Cards, IDs, Passports, Event Tickets, Casino Chips and many more.

  • Favorable ratio Price/Efficiency.

  • Warranty up to 3 years on the unit and 30 days on the special UV bulb.

Security features Counterfeit CopTM examines:



Security Thread

A distinctive color-coded thread is embedded in
all USA currency issued after 1996.Each bill has
its own color, for example the $20 bill has a green thread. These colored threads will glow under the
light of the Counterfeit CopTM. If the bill in question
is pre-1996 you can still detect the thread by
pressing the light plate.

UV Emblems

You can easily check UV emblems on Czech currency. For example the 5000 CZK bill, version 1999, will display illuminated hair at the portrait, nominal value in top left corner and strips in right top corner. There are many protective fibers in the bank note paper. These fibers will shine blue or yellow under the UV bulb. 1993 version has no fibers.


Hidden watermarks are an integral part of most of the currencies. For example the US Dollar has a watermark right from the portrait, Czech Crown left from the portrait. By pressing down the light table, the Counterfeit Cop allows you to inspect watermarks on all international currencies that posses it. In addition you can also examine the front-to-back register forming the letters ČR (CS for 1993 version) in top left corner or the windowed metallic thread with 5000 Kč microtext.


High Starch Content Paper

Genuine currency paper glows dull when viewed with the Counterfeit Cop as opposed to the bright glow that is seen from bleached paper, commonly used by counterfeiters.

International Currencies

Examining the security features of most of main international currencies like DEM, EURO, ATS, GBP, FRF, CHF, ITL, or of neighboring countries currencies like SKK or PLN, is with the Counterfeit Copdetector similar as the examination of the Czech currency.

Travelers Cheques / Credit Cards

These checks have hidden fluorescent emblems and watermarks easily
detected by Counterfeit Cop. Most of the credit cards also have a
hologram that will display under the UV bulb.

Fast ... Easy ... Universal...

Fast ... it takes only few seconds to verify the bill is genuine.

Easy... comfortable manipulation makes this device your friendly assistant.

Universal ... detects counterfeits of Czech, European and US currencies.

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